Fun and Friends

The part you've been waiting for? Yeah! We made it! You're going to have the time of your life here, that I can promise you. Below is a starter list of cute NYC things to do, that wont break the bank. 

Apps such as InTo and Nova offer goods and services – like smoothies, gym classes, and cocktails – at a promotional price (often free!) based on your social media following. The idea being that if you enjoy the offer you’ll post to your followers and provide free advertising for the companies involved – everyone’s a winner. 

Get out there, get living 


  • Many of the New York Museums and galleries advertise a price, but actually are donation based (The Met, Natural History Museum, The Cloisters), so you can pay what you can afford to enter, just ask for a ticket and hand over what you’d like to donate. MoMA is $25 for entry, but on Friday nights 4-8pm they offer free entry. Similarly, the Guggenheim is “Pay what you wish” Saturday nights 5.45-7.45pm. Get there early to ensure you can get in! Brooklyn Museum is free on the first Saturday of every month 
  • Bronx Zoo is pay what you can on Wednesdays 
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are free entry on Tuesdays
  • All classes at Yoga to the People are donation based, and they have several locations around the city (East Village, 27th, 28th, Upper West Side, and Williamsburg)
  • Governors Island (summer only!) is a $2 ferry ride away and a fun day out with bikes to rent, lots of history, and art residencies to explore. And there’s no cars on the island! A stark contrast to Manhattan. 
  • Brooklyn Brewery Tours are free, and open to over 21s every weekend afternoon.
  • Get outdoors: Central, Prospect, or Brooklyn Bridge Parks are beautiful, and great people watching. 
  • Walter De Maria’s Earth Room 
  • The New York Public Library has regular interesting exhibitions, and a wealth of NY history (original branch on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street)
  • Grant’s Tomb on 121st and Riverside Drive 
  • FIT’s Museum for your fashion fix 
  • There’s a 17th Century African burial site in Lower Manhattan! The memorial, and museum, is at 290 Broadway, and it’s free! 
  • Sunday night at UCB Chelsea for stand up comedy and improv shows. They hand out tickets at 8.15pm
  • Have a beach day! Walk the boardwalk and ride the cyclone ($10) at Coney Island (take the NQR). There's a dance party on the boardwalk here every Friday evening during summer, AND a rollerrink.  Or head to the Rockaways (off the A train) and get tacos at Rockaway Taco after.
  • Chelsea Gallery openings happen most Thursday evenings. The galleries are always free, but the openings feel a little more like a party. 
  • You can take the Roosevelt Island cable car using your Metrocard
  • Great trivia nights at Videology (Tuesday), The Exley (Tuesday), Crocodile Lounge (Wednesday)
  • Bat Haus in Bushwick hosts a “Drink & Draw” night with a live model and unlimited beer. Try out your art skills. 
  • Best thrift stores: L Train Vintage, 10ft Single by Stella Dallas, Beacon’s Closet, in Williamsburg; and Urban Jungle in Bushwick. 
  • A membership at Planet Fitness is $10 a month!!! 



Modelling can be a very lonely career, and it can be intense, and push you out of your comfort zone so it’s really important to look after yourself emotionally, as well as physically. Some things I wish I’d known when I set out on the journey: 

  1. Hold onto your hobbies - have more than just modelling in your life. This will give you purpose beyond your job, and maybe help you make some new friends. 
  2. Easy ways to meditate for when the city gets overwhelming - try apps like Headspace or 10% happier to get a few minutes of zen in your day. 
  3. You will get homesick, and it is ok. It will get easier. Call home! 
  4. Be good to yourself - your self confidence will carry you farther than you can imagine in this industry, and the best way to build it, is by being kind to yourself. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people, who make you feel good about you. Count your gratitudes, and start each day telling yourself something you think is great about you (bonus points if it can be something not related to your looks i.e.. I’m a kind friend! I love my sense of adventure! I’m so happy I make such delicious breakfasts!) Cultivating a self of self assurance will take time, and many knocks over the years. Keep the faith in yourself, and the process. 


Artemis was founded to offer support and guidance to people in your position. If you would like to have a one-on-one session with a mentor, to ask any questions about modelling, or anything else, or just to touch base with someone, send an email to and we can make an appointment!