A helping hand for new faces in New York 

Welcome! If you’re reading this, that likely means you’re setting out on a new adventure in the City of Dreams(!) - the Big Apple (!) – and while that’s super exciting, maybe it’s also a little bit daunting too. This website should help you navigate all things model, except the actual modelling. 


About Artemis 

Artemis is a free mentoring service for models living or working in New York. Fashion can be a cutthroat industry, and New York a dog-eat-dog place to live. Artemis wants to share kindness and experience between new and experienced models, to grow a community of confident young women, capable of running their own business! Artemis offers information (go ahead and explore this website for more!) to help you get started; and one-on-one sessions with a more experienced model for peer support, and to answer any questions you encounter. To schedule a meeting, email hello@artemisnyc.co

About Katy 

The creator of this little pink website has been modelling for 7 years, and moved to New York in 2014 after a year-ish of modelling in her native London. She had graduated from the University of Liverpool, with a degree in Psychology and every intention of working in the criminal justice system until her friend entered her into a modelling competition, resulting in a contract at a top London agency, and a 180 on her life plans. Katy loves New York, but had a rocky start, arriving in NYC client-less, friend-less and penniless. She founded Artemis, a mentoring scheme for new models, in the hope of sharing knowledge, instilling confidence in, and offering the same amount of love and support she received, to newbies to the city.